Pastor Athanassios Koutsios is the founder and senior pastor of Living Stones Church.


Born in Greece, he grew up in the mountains in the northwest of the country. At the age of twelve, he immigrated to Sweden with all his family for a period of 7 years, where he became a semi-professional footballer. However, in spite of his success and his potential in this sport, he found his life empty and void of sense. 


While he was about to sign a contract to enter the first division, Jesus came into his heart and called him to the ministry. It was a turning point for his life.


Five years later, he entered the international biblical school of Sussex in England where he met his future wife. Once married, they settled down in Thessalonica for three and a half years to work together with American missionaries. Through their ministry and training, the couple was introduced to the things of the Spirit.


Led by the Holy Spirit, with the confirmation and the blessing of his spiritual authority, pastor Athanassios gave up all his possessions, his desires and his plans for his own country and came, with his family, to settle down in Liège, Belgium where he implanted a church.


His vision is to see Belgium and all Europe for Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Gospel, the sound doctrine which teaches Christ's model in order to win, strengthen, make disciples and send them out in this big harvest.


Despite the oppositions, the obstacles, the pressures, this man of God has never weakened in his faith. On the contrary, every day he continues to forge ahead, glorifying God for what he sees with the eyes of faith; this nation being born for Jesus.

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