The love story

the pastoral couple's divine encounter that sounds like a fairytale.. 

Are you praying for God to bring your spouse to you ?

This love story of the supernatural encounter

between a future couple,pastor Athanassios and his wife Josy,

will be a big encouragement for you.

The Lord acts in powerful and surprising ways!



Athanassios: It was the first time I saw her; she entered the room, greeted the class and at this very moment I heard the voice of God bounce inside my heart saying to me: «This woman will be your wife! »


Josy: The exact same thing happened to me. By entering the class, I looked vaguely at the students; as soon as my eyes crossed his face, I heard clearly the voice of God saying to me: «This man, he will be your husband! »



Athanassios: When I became a Christian, my encounter with Jesus was immediately very powerful. After little time, I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.


I had a lot of zeal and I felt a big burden for the people who did not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Afterwards, when I went to the Greek army for my military service I received from the Lord my call for the ministry by reading the epistle of Galatians, chapter 1.


Once the military service ended, I asked for my pastor’s confirmation on my call for the ministry. After four years and with his blessing, I left for England to go to the Biblical School I.B.T.I. (International Bible Training Establishes).


Over there I met my wife.


To marry was not one of my main objectives but one month after my arrival in this school, the Lord put in my heart to pray for a partner, in a way more intense than ever before; I was 24 years old.

Basically my prayer was this one: «Lord, I came here to serve you and not to find the woman of my life but if it is your will, show her clearly to me".


We were in the middle of a service when she arrived.


She threw a distracted glance at the assembly;  it was this very moment that the voice of God bounced inside my heart: « She will be your wife! »


Josy: It was the same thing for me. I had just arrived at the school, I opened the door and I looked vaguely at the students sitting in the classroom. As soon as my eyes crossed his face, I heard the voice of God speak to myself clearly «This man will be your husband! »


Athanassios: The next day I asked: " Lord, if it is really your voice that I heard yesterday, give me a sign; make that tomorrow when we come back from the evangelization in the city, Josy approaches me and asks me to walk with her back to school ". It is useless to say that things took place exactly like that.


Josy: He was Greek and I was Belgian but, thanks to God, we were both speaking English well enough. When we came back tothe biblical school, we were already in love! Later on, God gave us another confirmation. Within four months we were engaged and after six months, we got married. Later on, my husband became a pastor in Belgium. Today, many years after our first encounter, our love does not cease to grow day by day! 

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