Our vision


Local level


The vision of our church is based on the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. This vision consists in having a team of leaders educated and formed at the image of Christ and  His character, seeking to work in the ministry to which Christ called them. (Ephesians 4 11-12)

When Christ thought of forming disciples, he had criteria generally ignored by the church: go and make disciples. (Matthew 28: 19-20)


To go is the activity of the church and look for the ones who do not know Christ, who did not hear or did not listen to the message of the cross and who were not able to make the decision to follow Him.


To make disciples is more than simply preaching the gospel: it is to awaken the spiritual newborn child. It is to make sure that his decision towards Christ becomes stronger, that he can experience a life of changes and make a commitment towards the church.


From a practical point of view, the vision of our church is based on forming the leaders so that they win souls, strengthen them, form them and send them.


National level


With the training of the disciples, the vision of the church is to take possession of every city and village of the country by the preaching of the Gospel and the teaching to observe all that Christ prescribed us in a practical way; by establishing local churches (Matthew 28 19-20).


International level


According to the model of the book of Acts, Jesus spreads the vision by sending us, not only to our city and our country, but, also, to all the nations through the preaching of the Gospel, the teaching, the prayers and the voluntary offerings for the distribution of the Gospel, the support of the poor men and the people of Israel.

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